Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long Time, No See

As my friends and I used to say. . . Have not been in the mood to blog. Frugality went out the window for a while.  It's all good. We spent some, and saved some. Here's what we have been up to:

My husband had not been sleeping well, waking up with a sore shoulder almost every morning. Then we went away on a working weekend trip to New Braunfels, Texas and stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn hotel.  They had a Sleep Number Bed in the rooms, and my husband loved the bed. He woke up the next morning without having any pains.  When we got back, he kept talking about how comfortable that bed was, but these babies retail for upwards of $4,000+! NOT paying that kind of money!

So we spent the next month or so scouring the classifieds on Craigslist, and finally found one listed for $2,000, right in the area of town we live in, no less. Then watched it for a few weeks because there were no takers, the economy being what it is and all.  Finally, my husband said, "Why don't you send them an email and ask if they will take $1,500?" And that is what we purchased it for.  We were given the original invoice for the bed, and together with taxes, the grand total for the bed when purchased was close to $5,500!  Yes, it still was not a cheap purchase, but we saved $4,000 over the full retail value.  Since we are supposed to spend 1/3 of our lives in bed sleeping, we felt it was worth the money spent. The people who had it had kept the mattress in pristine condition, so we were OK purchasing a used mattress.  My husband has been really happy with the purchase, and that alone is priceless.  

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