Thursday, September 13, 2012


What are the chances? Two days after posting about my next project, that is, to finish our library, I found this mirror at Goodwill for $25.00. Made of oak, it is just wide enough and tall enough to mount on the wall in the style of a French Trumeau mirror.  I will paint it the same color as the shelving. I am hoping it will look like it was meant to be that way and not as an afterthought. I think I can pull this off!  There is enough detailing in the mirror for the dark wax finish to make it pop.

Considering some of the wood appliques I've been looking at online to dress up this area has been priced  upwards of several hundred dollars a piece, I think this was a lucky find! Now I need to persuade my sons to help me mount it because it is very, very heavy. I can't wait to get it mounted and painted!

P.S. Still having problems with the photo when uploaded from my phone. . . I don't always have time to post from my computer. . .

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  1. Oh you lucky duck! I have been searching for a similar mirror for about two years! :)