Monday, October 22, 2012

Library Update

It's been a while since my last update on the library redo. The bookcases were built by the last homeowners, but never quite finished off. I was not crazy about the stain finish, and the big empty spot between the shelves which is the return air intake for the AC really bothered me. I wanted to make it look more dressed up. So here is the large mirror purchased at the thrift store, installed all by me.

Since the mirror is very heavy, I first installed a temporary piece of wood on the bottom to use as a ledge while I was installing the mirror so it will not fall off and break into a million pieces. I used up a whole can of construction adhesive on the backside, then heaved it up onto the ledge with a lot of grunting on my part.  

Then I used my pneumatic nail gun to stabilize it into place, squishing the adhesive as best I could. After which I went to town installing about 20 screws through the frame into the wood wall underneath to make certain the whole thing will never fall off.  This thing is not going ANYWHERE!  I will give it a few days for the adhesive to dry completely, then I will fill in the holes for the screws that I drilled with a countersink bit. I still need to put some painter's caulk all the way around the frame because there is a gap between the wall and the mirror frame that's about a quarter inch wide.  Then I will get on with the painting. I can't wait! 

Oh, minor detail. . . I still need to finish doing the trim on the shelves. . . We need to have someone come in to finish off the upper portions because my husband has absolutely forbidden me to get up there to do it. He says I'm accident prone. . . But it WILL get done!

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