Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stock Up if You Can. . .

Things are getting really scary over in Egypt and the Middle East in general. . . I heard on the news that the cost of food has gone up 20 percent in the past year world wide.  Researchers calculated that the average American family spends ten percent of its annual income on food (@ three meals a day), while those in developing countries spend nearly half of their income on food (@ two meals a day).  It is no wonder that there is unrest in Egypt caused in part from the frustrations of the people who are out of work and hungry as a result.

I am no politician, but I strongly feel that things are going to escalate. It is a powder keg over there. . . And if you don't think something like that cannot happen where you live, I would think twice.  Just look at the riots in Europe over the last year in Greece, France and England.  I definitely see something similar in our future. 

Time to really get serious about stocking up on staples like beans, rice, and other staples that will keep a long time in storage.  As I said before, better be prepared and not have to use it, than not having it and having to suffer the consequences.  If you stock up on things with a long shelf life, you are not throwing your money away, since you will eventually get around to eating it.  Do yourself a favor and get prepared and stock up!


  1. hi riots in england? you mean the student protests? don't worry about that lot!

  2. I'm not so sure. The protest was along the same lines as the union protests in Wisconsin and elsewhere going on right now in the US.