Monday, March 28, 2011

Stocking Up on Hot Dogs

Bun Length Oscar Mayer Wieners are on sale at Kroger now for 99 cents a pack of 8. About time! About a year ago, they went on sale for the same price, and I think I purchased around 40 packs to put in my freezer.  With two teenagers in the house and their friends often coming over on a regular basis, I needed a go-to light meal in case I needed to feed a gaggle of hungry teenagers.  At the time, I thought, "maybe I'm buying too much?" but went ahead with the purchase.  And, can you believe it? I was down to my last three packs!  That's a lot of hot dogs!  I managed to guesstimate almost exactly how much of this stuff would be consumed in the past year.  How about that!

Walmart usually sell these for about $2.00, so this was a good purchase.  I purchased 30 packs.  Kroger normally sells these for over $3.00, so my receipt stated that I "saved" $81.00 on today's purchase. 

It's quite a relief since my freezer was starting to look slightly empty.  I also purchased a pork shoulder on clearance for $13.00.  The regular prices was about $22.00.  Last time I purchased one, they were about $7.00 on sale for the same size, so prices have come up quite a bit. . .  Still, I can feed my family about 3 times off this one hunk of meat, so it is a good buy.  The one I purchased weighed about 8 pounds.  I made some killer pulled pork the other day in the oven with the last one I had in the freezer.  I will post the recipe some time in the future.

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