Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pasta Update Part 2

I wrote about stocking up on pasta here, and here.  I purchased 100+ pounds of pasta to put in storage for 38 cents per each 12 ounce package.  This was in mid-November of 2010, not even 6 months ago.  They are now on sale at Kroger for 50 cents each if you purchase 10. That's a 32% increase in the sale price in such a short amount of time! Insanity, I tell you.   As I said back then, I am purchasing items when I can find them at rock bottom prices to put in storage "just in case."   Items purchased thusly today will allow us to eat well tomorrow at yesterday's prices.  I can't get over how quickly the prices came up.  I don't think we have seen the worst yet. . .

1 comment:

  1. dried pasta should last for ages. well done! Read your pasta post...didn't know some faiths stock a year's supply of food. I stockpile to save money, but it does help to have extra stores on hand in case of an emergency. If something HUGE happens though, I can't imagine sitting on my stores watching others starve. I've been watching "Peak Moment" and like their idea of working together to ensure both you AND your neighbors have enough food. gotta love that!