Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stocking Up

Major stock up day today. Our local grocery store had a "today only" sale on whole broiler chickens at 49 cents per pound. I purchased 10 chickens averaging $2.50 each. I also purchased 5 more frozen turkeys at 39 cents per pound.  I now have 12 turkeys in the freezer to be eaten throughout the coming year.  We will get at least 2-3 meals out of each 11-12 pound turkey I chose.  To most people, volume buying may seem extreme, but we have room in our freezer, and freezers run better when they are full anyway.  I also purchased 5 gallons of ice cream for $2.99 a gallon, half its regular price. I believe in stocking up when prices are at its absolute rock bottom.

Which leads me to tell you, in addition to the above, I also purchased 128 pounds of spaghetti/linguini/angel hair pasta today! They were 38 cents for each 12 oz pack. VERY extreme, I know. But the price was right, and this is part of our planned purchase of "emergency food storage."  In these extreme times, with hyper-inflation being talked of as a very real possibility, with terrorist attacks, pandemics and natural disasters also always a possibility, it was time to stock up.  This is something we have been slowly building up to for the past year. Pasta, legumes, rice and wheat keep indefinitely if kept under optimal conditions, at least 30+ years.  Even if we do not use it all up in a few years, we will then be eating well tomorrow at yesterday's prices!  Peace of mind is priceless.

The total cost for today's expenditures: $128.34. Not bad.

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