Thursday, April 14, 2011

When the Going Gets Tough. . .

Don't you sometimes feel like you just want to curl up into a ball and do nothing? That's how I feel today. Don't want to talk about being frugal, thrifty, tightwad, etc., etc.  I just want to get my caffeine fix and go curl up with a book and forget everything. 

My younger son is 15, and he is navigating through some very rough waters, figuratively speaking. He is surly, all attitude, back talks and argues.  It is really frustrating trying to get through to him, because he won't listen. He "knows" everything.  I know intellectually it is a waste of my breath arguing with him, and yet. . . I end up in a shouting match with him over. . .nothing.

But I do remember the sweet boy he used to be, just a short while ago. He used to have platinum blond hair as a toddler, which was really strange because I am a dark brunette and I remember from biology class that dark is the dominant gene.  He was very sweet tempered and angelic.  I used to have an irrational fear that he would be in some horrific accident, and I used to pray over him as I put him down to sleep that he will be safe and my fears will remain a figment of my imagination.  On the weekends when my husband and I used to try to sleep in, he used to climb into our bed and lay close to me, patting me with his small, chubby hands as if he was trying to comfort me. . .

I know. . . I hope. . . this will pass.  He will grow up into a responsible young adult in a few short years.  But until then, the battle continues. . . Today, I'm taking a time out.

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