Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank You

Today is my birthday. Feeling a bit under the weather, but the family is taking me out to dinner later.  I am at a age when, if my husband and I want to get something and we can afford it, we generally will, though we will always try to find whatever we want used before we fork over our hard earned money to buy it new.

So, no presents this year. My husband more than made up for it last year when he surprised me with a very expensive set of kitchen knives that I was too cheap to buy for myself.  I use it with a lot of gratitude every day when I cook.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those of you who bother to read this blog. I now officially have 9 "Followers," but I was surprised to learn today (when I finally figured out how) that my blog has had over 1000 page views since its inception.  Whether you are an official follower or not, "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart.  I was doing this for myself mostly, as an online diary of what I've been up to.  I was pleasantly surprised that I had not been talking to myself.

I think those of us who take the initial step to start a blog have a frustrated writer in us wanting to emerge out of the shadows.  I know I had an inkling to write a novel that I've been nursing in my heart for years, but where to start?  At least this is the first step.  Don't know if I'll ever have the time or will power to actually write that book, but I thank you all for bothering to read my rambling thoughts.  And you know what? Starting a blog doesn't cost a penny, so it goes right along with the frugal theme.  :)

Here's to hoping that this next year in my life and yours will be evermore frugal and joyous.



  1. Happy Birthday. Give yourself a free gift. Time out with a novel, a stroll in a lovely park, playing with makeup in front of the mirror and loud music pumping. Have some frugalistic fun!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! Hope you have a wonderful day...

  3. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM MALAYSIA!!! This is a very special wish from your new follower...ME! 2 presents from me..a big fan and a sweet birthday wish..SMILES!
    I follow you because I have the same thought about spending $. You can always find me here

  4. Can I copy your "about me"... it is so ME too! But I don't look like the dog in the picture! LOVE PC

  5. Thanks so much for your well wishes! I'm kind of overwhelmed that there are more of you reading this than I thought! @ Joy, of course I don't mind, go right at it! :)